Life during a pandemic has required societies around the globe to rethink how they interact with others within their communities. It has necessitated sweeping changes amongst large corporations, nonprofits, and even small business owners — who must assure their stakeholders, donors, and customers that community health and safety are their utmost priority.

The challenge: much about how organizations — across industries — operate requires frequent (and sometimes direct) contact with the public. And, as many cities begin the tentative process of reopening, there is an even greater need to address health concerns. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and to gain the confidence of their communities), this means establishing strict protocols related to social distancing, thorough sanitization, and the wearing of protective gear like masks and gloves.

A Special Challenge for Events, Healthcare, and Retail

Some spaces, like healthcare facilities, events and performing arts venues, retailers, and museums are having to make additional adjustments to how they engage with patients, patrons, and customers. This often requires immediate implementation of new tools and technologies that allow them to interact safely with the public. Enter: Portsmith’s ScanStand, an innovative and versatile unit that enables hands-free scanning of tickets and/or barcodes with the mobile handheld computers that venues are already using.

In addition to the precautionary measures mentioned at the outset, the capability for unattended scanning is in high demand, as it’s yet another way to protect overall public health. Here are a few examples of industries utilizing this technology to minimize (and often eliminate) contact between employees and their patrons, patients, and shoppers.

Patron Safety: Hands-Free Ticket Scanning for Museums and Events

audience at event

Running a museum or a ticketed event, for example, entails scanning or accepting visitors’ tickets at entry. For instance, with the ScanStand, a Zebra TC56 can be converted into a hands-free ticket scanner. The ScanStand’s compatibility and quality are second to none — it also works with Zebra TC2x, 5x, and 7x series handhelds. (Other devices will be supported soon.) 

Patient Safety: Unattended Scanning at Hospitals, Clinics, and Other Healthcare Facilities

In the world of healthcare, medical records, medications, specimen samples, and many more items are tagged with barcode labels so doctors and nurses can scan and locate patient information. Additionally, healthcare technology — specifically, barcoding — can prevent medical and administration errors. 

physicians discussing medications

In many healthcare environments, it is crucial that handheld devices used for scanning require minimal contact to protect both patients and clinicians (especially in the age of COVID-19). The ScanStand provides a full 90+ degree range of motion, so hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can address this need — and optimize the capabilities of their existing handhelds at a time when deploying entirely new hardware may not be practical (or even feasible).

Shopper Safety: Hands-Free Barcode Scanning in Retail Environments

retail storeDespite the recent surge in online shopping, consumers are beginning to resume their purchasing habits — buying at brick-and-mortar locations — as stay-at-home orders are lifted throughout the world. Now more than ever, retailers must have fast, reliable technology in place to scan product barcodes — during checkout, inventorying, and when locating items for customers. The ScanStand, 14” tall when in position, firmly holds the hand-held in a downward position and allows for scanning of varying-sized objects.

ScanStand — Benefits to Multiple Industries

To date, Portsmith has deployed millions of its products to enterprise-level organizations around the world. The ScanStand is just another example of established, trusted technology that is being used by the industries that need it most. Whether you are in healthcare, the events space, or retail, contact us to learn more about how your organization can benefit from safe, hands-free scanning.