For technology and equipment that have been MIL-STD-810G designed, certified, and tested, only ultra-rugged adapters will do. Additionally, products engineered for the rugged workforce — think Panasonic’s Toughbook, or rugged laptops and tablets from Getac and Durabook — demand a USB-to-Ethernet adapter that’s built with the same durability in mind.

In answer to this need, we’ve launched our 810G USB to 10/100 Ethernet adapter: the Portsmith PSA1U1E-EG USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

Ultimate Durability for a Variety of Use Cases

While initially built for defense, mission-critical, and other specialty applications, Portsmith’s MIL-STD-810G-certified Ethernet adapter is now available for mainstream use.

Do you need to connect equipment to field computers, tablets, or mobile devices for data transfer, synchronization, or programming? Or do you have a specific use case where a reliable and secure wired connection is required? This ultra-rugged adapter is ideal for use just about anywhere — in the field, on the base, in the air, or in the mobile office.

Designed for performance in extreme environments, the device functions flawlessly, even when beaten, battered, and neglected. Its MIL-STD-810G certification provides further assurance that the adapter will withstand extremes in temperature, humidity, sand and dust, rain, vibration, and shock.

810-G USB to Ethernet

Award-Winning Tech, Proven Track Record in Engineering and Design

With a track record of over 25 years of engineering and design excellence, Portsmith’s intelligently designed cradles, adapters, and accessories have been sought after and validated by virtually every leading rugged device manufacturer in the world. Our sister company, SGW Designworks, applies decades of development, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge to Portsmith products to ensure its solutions are robust and reliable.

SGW Designworks designed our USB-to-Ethernet adapter, a similar model in the adapter’s product family, and won a prestigious 2021 Good Design Award for its engineering. This success speaks for itself, so we again engaged SGW to develop the ultra-rugged, 810G design of the adapter for a U.S. Department of Defense client. The result is the PSA1U1E-EG — designed, certified, and tested from the ground up — and manufactured in the United States. (See the November 2022 issue of COTS Journal for a feature of the product.)

This adapter started out as a fully customer-driven project that, by design, made its way to the commercial market. It is now available in North America.

Specifications: Design, Components, Connectors, and Drivers

The PSA1U1E-EG is an ultra-rugged adapter that provides reliable USB-to-Ethernet connectivity, with engineers specifying materials and production processes that fully encapsulated the PCBA using two-stage injection molding. This ensures protection from the elements, shock/impact resistance, and durability. The product’s exterior geometry also fits well in the hand and is easy to grip and manipulate when wearing gloves and/or when wet.

Two connectors separate from the main body include an industry-standard USB-A connector to the host device and an RJ45 LAN connection. Portsmith plans to offer services to convert those connectors to other ruggedized connectors when necessary. Drivers are well supported in Mac OS, iOS, iPad OS, Android, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, with its proven, stable BOM, the product won’t change over time — ensuring that, once the adapter has been qualified for a use case, subsequent deployments will be identical.

Questions? Comments? Contact Us!

The PSA1U1E-EG fits a previously unserved niche — and our engineering team is incredibly proud of this product and its success. Drop us a line any time; we’d be happy to discuss how this adapter can meet the needs of your specific use case.