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The Zebra TC56, as well as the rest of the TC5x family, are proving to be market leaders. Adoption of the TC Series is widespread. The unit offers a huge display, super fast data communications, plus robust barcode scanning in a sleek package. The product is well designed, and even won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2017. This is a handheld that will be with us for a long time. To extend the already impressive functionality of the Zebra TC51/56, Portsmith offers a full line of compatible cradles, docks, and accessories. Portsmith solutions for the TC51/56 and TC52/57 include wired Ethernet cradles, vehicle charging docks, and high-volume charging solutions.

zebra TC 56

Enterprise Grade Reliability

Portsmith products are designed specifically for industrial and enterprise applications where reliability and durability are everything.

Vehicle Docks

TC56 Vehicle Cradles are ultra versatile, offering three options for wiring. Cradles come with our versatile swivel mount and are available for TC52, TC56 and TC57 with the protective boot, or without. 

Ethernet Cradles

tc56 ethernet cradle

Portsmith has applied decades of expertise to the TC56 Ethernet cradle. Our Ethernet cradle brings 10/100 wired Ethernet to the TC51, TC52, TC56, and TC57 with or without the protective rubber boot. 


tc56 charging rack

Portsmith offers a variety of charging solutions for the Zebra TC56, TC52, TC55, and TC57. Solutions include single slot desktop charging, touchless ticket scanning, and rack-mount charging as well as charging towers.

Custom Cradles

tc56 custom dock 600 x 400

For unique use-cases, Portsmith is able to develop custom cradle solutions and custom docks specific to your needs. From concept development through prototyping and manufacturing, Portsmith has you covered.

Zebra TC56 Vehicle Cradles

Zebra: TC20, TC25, TC51, TC52, TC56, TC57, TC55, TC70, TC75, MC45, MC67, MC65, MC55

Honeywell: CT50, CT60, EDA50, EDA51, CN3, CN4, CN50, CN51, CN60, CN70, CN70E

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Slot System Cradle Cup

The Modular System for TC5X Series

Say hello to Slot System.

Slot System applies the same proven cradle cups to a wide range of use-cases for the TC56 and TC52. The cradle cups are mounted to a variety of application specific elements to make up a complete cradle for a specific use case. The cradle cups themselves are also modular, allowing for lower cost compatibility switching when migrating to new handhelds (limitations apply).

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