Disable “Advanced USB Functionality”

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click on Connections
  4. Click on USB to PC
  5. Uncheck “Enable Advanced USB Functionality”
  6. Click Ok.


Install Ethernet Cradle Driver

  1. Download and install Window Mobile Ethernet Driver from Portsmith.com
  2. Open the application by clicking on “Start”, “Programs”, open the “Communications” folder and click, “Ethernet Cradle Driver”
  3. Allow a minute for Ethernet driver to open, and the “Enable Cradle Driver” check box should be checked.
  4. Click OK to exit Ethernet Cradle Driver

Configure Connections

  1. Click Start, then settings, and select the Connections Tab.
  2. Click the “Connections” icon, and then “Advanced” tab.
  3. Click on “Select Networks”
  4. Select “My Work Network” for both drop down selections.
  5. Click OK to exit the settings.

Connect and Power the PS6U1UHE

  1. Plug the 5v DC power adapter into the wall and then into the UHE
  2. Connect the Mini-A plug side of the USB cable to the UHE
  3. Connect the RJ-45 Ethernet cable to your network then plug it into the UHE adapter.  Verify that the Network Activity lights respond.
  4. Connect the Mini-B plug into the bottom of the Trimble Nomad® Note that wall power does not need to be connected.
  5. On the Nomad screen, a clock icon will appear while Ethernet Cradle Driver connects to the network through the UHE.
  6. Open Internet Explorer, or any other network or Internet application to verify connection is working