Dial-Up Connection Configuration To use a Modem Cradle from Portsmith, all that needs to be done on the Mobile Computer is to create a dial up connection.  The following steps can be used to create a connection. Windows CE Configuration To configure the connection in Windows CE, tap Start, Settings and then Network and Dial-up Connections.   Tap Make New Connection and fill in the information with your service provider. *NOTE some devices require you to additionally specify the Modem to use.  The modem should be “Hayes Compatible on COM1”.

Windows Mobile Configuration For windows Mobile Devices, you tap Start, Settings, Connections and Connections again. Then, based on what Network Location you will connect from, you will select “Add a new modem connection”.  This would typically be for “My ISP”. Modem should be set to “Hayes Compatible on COM1”. Some devices will set this to a different default, make sure this is selected here. Click next and put in the Username, Password and optionally, the Domain. Windows mobile will ask for the phone number to dial on the initial connection.