Vehicle charge dock with tilt swivel.  Hard wired and car plug options


Cradles available for:

  • CT50/60: PSVCT50-01, PSVCT50-02, PSVCT50-05, PSVCT50-06
  • EDA50/51: PSVEDA50-01, PSVEDA50-02, PSVEDA50-05, PSVEDA50-08
  • CN3/4: PSVCN3/4-01, PSVCN3/4-02, PSVCN3/4-05, PSVCN3/4-06
  • CN50/51: PSVCN50/51-01, PSVCN50/51-02, PSVCN50/51-05, PSVCN50/51-06
  • CN60: PSVCT60-01, PSVCT60-02, PSVCT60-05, PSVCT60-06
  • CN70/70E: PSVCT70/70E-01, PSVCN70/70E-02, PSVCN70/70E-05, PSVCN70/70E-06

-01 denotes Hot-Swap plus 12V/24V accessory plug (cigarette lighter)

-02 denotes Hot-Swap plus hard wired power cable

-05 denotes dedicated 12V/24V accessory plug (cigarette lighter), non-Hot-Swap

-06 denotes dedicated 10V/30V hard wired, non-Hot-Swap

Reliable and simple to use

  • Durable and built for the toughest use
  • Easy one handed insertion and removal
  • Tilt swivel included with AMPS hole pattern for attachment to any mount
  • Made in Sweden, with high-grade materials
  • High quality, original OEM connectors are always used in our cradles
  • Precision mechanicals are customized to the device precisely aligning the hand held to the dock connector

Multiple connector options for power

  • Hot-Swap cradles are equipped with a Molex connector allowing fast switching between hard-wired and cigarette-lighter installations
  • Dedicated 12V/24V accessory plug (cigarette lighter) adapter is the lowest cost solution available
  • Protected power circuitry converts the vehicle power to 5-v DC at 3.0-amps offering the device maximum power to charge

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