Swoopy-3C. The legendary Swoopy, completely overhauled for USB-C

Part number: PSPA1C1GE

Wired Gigabit Ethernet For USB-C Devices

Portsmith’s classic USB to Ethernet Adapter (known as Swoopy) has been completely redesigned and optimized for USB-C applications. Almost any USB-C equipped device can connect to a network with speeds up to 1 Gb/s speeds using the compact, durable and efficient Swoopy-3C

Enterprise Grade

Designed with high-quality materials, precise tolerances, and engineered with best in class electronic components, the Swoopy-3C is designed to perform.  Unlike other adapters, it will withstand a lifetime of being dropped, moved and generally tossed around your work environment.

Plus Charging

Swoopy-3C was designed to the USB Power Delivery specification allowing capable devices to charge over USB-C while connected to Ethernet.  Just plug your USB-C charging adapter from your device’s manufacturer into the Swoopy-3C and the adapter will deliver 5-volts DC at 1.5A.

No Drivers

The drivers required for Swoopy-3C are already present in devices with USB-C ports.   Just plug the adapter in and the electronics inside Swoopy-3C and the tablet or hand-held negotiate the connection automatically.

Future Proof, Repeatable, Stable

Swoopy-3C is designed to work well with others, well into the future.  Just like the original Swoopy and unlike consumer grade adapters, the bill of materials for Swoopy-3C is stable. IT professionals and purchasers can be assured that the product won’t change over time. A Swoopie-3C purchased in 2025 will be identical to one purchased in 2018 – down to the integrated circuit level. Swoopy-3C was carefully engineered with extensive driver support in mind. Most Android based devices have driver support preinstalled in the operating system.  Windows 10 and Mac OS personal computers are ready to go.   Swoopy-3C can even handle USB data sources up to 5Gb/s – it’s ready for the future now.


The Swoopy-3C, part number PSPA1C1GE, includes the Swoopy-3C, with integrated male USB-C cable.


Supported Devices

This list in always evolving as new USB-C devices come to market – this is a short list of devices we have tested
Samsung Tab Active-2
Samsung Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 & S4
Samsung Note 9
Samsung Galaxy S8, 9 & 9+
Mac OS tablets
Windows PC’s