Portsmith Desktop Charger

The new Portsmith Desktop Charger is a low cost, simple to use, drop in charger for Zebra and Honeywell handhelds. It is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 slot configurations. Designed and manufactured with durability and value in mind this charger can withstand years of non-stop use. The cradle is modular, so upgrading or replacing a slot takes minutes. Applications for other handhelds are always in process and custom configurations can be developed quickly for your specific use-case.

2, 4, 6, and 8 slot charging cradles

  • Options for Zebra TC2X Series, TC5X Series, TC7X Series
  • Options for Honeywell SL42 Sled, CT40/50/60, EDA50/51
  • Custom options are simple to engineer and manufacture with our modular design – just get in touch
  • LED status indicator at each slot

Safe power

  • DC power supply and line cord included in the kit
  • Internal electronics deliver required charging voltage and current to each slot

Precision construction

  • Rugged metal chassis and with injection molded cup components
  • Designed specifically for long term enterprise use
  • Precise alignment between the handheld and cradle connector ensures solid contact
  • One handed insertion and removal



  • United States, Canada

Kit contents

  • Tablecharger
  • Power supply and line cord