Slot-SystemTM Modular Cradles

Our revolutionary Slot-SystemTM is a modular platform that allows us to provide cradles compatible with a wide range of handhelds. The platform is at the core of our cradles for vehicle, desktop, rack mount, and specialty applications.  Modularity means that Slot-SystemTM can be field adapted to different handhelds, and can be field-serviced.

The heart of Slot-SystemTM is the cradle cup, which is the same across all products within the system. At the factory, three inserts (one on each side plus one at the bottom) are assembled into the cup, providing device-specific compatibility. The complete cup is then mated with a mount, providing the complete, application solution. Application mounts include vehicle, single slot desktop, multi-slot desktop, rack-mount, and more.


  • Field serviceable and up-gradable
  • Consistent function and feel across applications
  • Single source for all your cradle use-cases