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Motorola MC3000/MC3100/MC3200 Ethernet Cradle

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Motorola MC3000/MC3100/MC3200 Ethernet Cradle

Single slot USB to Ethernet cradle for Motorola 30xx, 31xx, 32xx* terminals, equipped with USB port and spare battery charge slot. This cradle serves as essential data communications devices, enabling you to communicate between your Symbol Motorola® MC3000 or MC3100 series terminals and your Host Computer or your network. This cradle also charges both your terminal and a spare battery* – all while performing communication operations via a USB or network connection.

*Additional battery charge port is compatible with MC3000 and MC3100. Zebra battery adapter (p/n ADP-MC32-CUP0-01) is required to accommodate charging an additional MC3200 battery.


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