>>Motorola MC9000/MC9060/MC9090 Ethernet Cradle

Motorola MC9000/MC9060/MC9090 Ethernet Cradle

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Motorola MC9000/MC9060/MC9090 Ethernet Cradle


REACH Compliance

Declaration of Conformity

Connecting the Masses

This Single slot Ethernet cradle supports Motorola Solutions’ most successful Mobile Computing platform, the MC9000 series, as well as it’s replacement, the MC9100 series.  This ensures a compatible solution for current MC9000 owners, with clear support for upgrading to the MC9100 series in the future.

Hardware Features

10 Mbps Ethernet Port 12v, 3A Power Input (Supply Sold Separately P/N# 190362-002LC) Tension Set Docking Port for Solid Connections Highly Reliable Connect Rate with Pogo Pin Connector Design

Network Access and Management

The PS6SMC9000UE single slot cradle provides an IP Based network connection that can be used to connect to local network resources, or to the Internet.  And using the Cradle Manager software, the cradle can be updated with new IP settings, descriptions, and more.

Where to Buy

Supported Devices

Device ModelOSDriverCablesConnection Notes
Motorola MC9000 SeriesWindows CE 4.xeConnect190362-002LCWorks with MC9000, MC9060 and MC9090
Motorola MC9000 SeriesPocket PC 2002/2003eConnect190362-002LCWorks with MC9000, MC9060 and MC9090.
Motorola MC9000 SeriesWindows CE 5.0iDocket™190362-002LCWorks with MC9000, MC9060 a
Motorola MC9090 SeriesWindows Mobile 6.1iDocket™190362-002LCWorks with MC 9094, MC9097, etc.
Motorola MC9190 SeriesWindows Mobile 6.5WM Eth Driver 2.0.35190362-002LCDoes not work with CE 6.0 MC9190


eConnect Software for PocketPC 2002 and Later
eConnect™ Terminal software for devices running Pocket PC 2002 and later using Ethernet cradles

eConnect™ Software for Windows CE 4.X
eConnect™ Terminal software for devices running Windows CE 4.x using Ethernet cradles.

Cradle Manager Software (.zip 377 KB)
Permits network and system administrators to manage and configure Ethernet cradles connected to the network. Not terminal-specific.