micro USB to Ethernet adapter for Android devices

Made for Android

Converts most Android tablets and mobile computers micro USB output to wired Ethernet. Plug and connect – most Android distributions already have drivers embedded.

Rugged, One-Piece Design

Portsmith’s fully encapsulated, one-piece USB to Ethernet adapter provides mobile device users working in unforgiving environments a more rugged and resilient method for establishing a direct wired connection to the network than ever before. With a micro USB connector on one end and RJ45 Ethernet receptacle on the other, this efficiently designed adapter performs as a rugged, one-piece communications bridge between Android mobile handheld or tablets, and an Ethernet network.


Use Case

Declaration of Conformity

Supported Devices

Most Android tablets and handheld are supported out of the box including the devices below.  Contact for a sample if you would like to test your device.

These are just a few of the devices we support

Device  / model OS Driver required
Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 Android 5+ Included in OS
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 Android 5+ Included in OS
Samsung Tab E  9.7 / 8 Android 5+ Included in OS
Samsung Tab A 9.7 / 8 Android 5+ Included in OS
Samsung Tab S2 9.7 / 8 Android 5+ Included in OS
Zebra MC 2100 via USB cradle CE 6.0 SMSC Driver
Zebra MC 45 Windows Mobile SMSC Driver
Zebra MC 40 Android 4+ Included in OS
Zebra TC70/75
Unitech PA700  Android 4+ Included in OS