Zebra MC75/MC70 Ethernet & USB Cradle – Discontinued

Note: This product has been discontinued, but may be available by special order. MOQ’s apply. Contact Portsmith for more information.


Declaration of Conformity


Built with the same quality, reliability and form factor that customers have come to expect from the Zebra MC70 products, the PSCMC75UE cradle adds flexibility to the latest generation of Zebra MC75 Enterprise Mobile Computers. Also compatible with legacy Motorola MC70 and MC75 units.

Broad Support

Migrating from legacy handheld devices to newer technology can be a logistical challenge. Intelligent, flexible accessories such as the PSCMC75UE cradle by Portsmith can help smooth the bumps in the transition. With Support for the MC70 Series, as well as the MC75 Series, this cradle bridges the gap as you upgrade your fleet.

Charge and Manage

Having the ability to charge and maintain a network connection, the PSCMC75UE allows network administrators to download data and updates while the devices charge for the next shift.


Supported Devices

Device Model OS Software Required Power Supply Notes
Motorola MC70 Series Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1 SMSC Driver 190362-002LC Driver will need to be installed.
Motorola MC75 Series Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 SMSC Driver 190362-002LC Driver will need to be installed.