Zebra MC3300 Single Slot Desktop Ethernet Cradle

Wired Ethernet

  • Legendary Portsmith Ethernet technology brings 10/100 wired Ethernet to the Zebra MC3300
  • Driver support is already on the handheld. No software to load
  • Safe and secure data communication when wireless is not an option or not needed
  • Always on and ready to transfer data – just drop into the cradle

Safe, conditioned power

  • Over voltage, current limiting and polarity protection protects the MC3300 and the dock from electrical damage
  • Engineered to ensure that the handheld will charge at its maximum rate
  • Highest quality components

Precision mechanicals

  • Rugged metal chassis and with injection molded cup components
  • Designed specifically for long term enterprise use
  • Precise alignment between the handheld and dock connector ensures solid contact
  • One handed insertion and removal



  • United States, Canada

Kit contents

  • PSCMC3300E cradle
  • Power supply and line cord
  • Ethernet cable