Single slot charge only cradle for and Honeywell hand-helds


Use Case

Battle Card

Declaration of conformity

Rugged, desktop design with optional matching vehicle cradle

Safe, protective, power for the dock and the hand held.  A superior implementation using 15+ years of proven Portsmith electronics and mechanical technology.  Over-voltage circuit protects dock and hand-held device in the event a wrong power supply is attached

Reliable and simple to use

  • Durable cradle design for enterprise use
  • Desktop installation
  • Single slot with corresponding vehicle options
  • Pogo pin or USB connections for power
  • Conditioned, protected power at 5VDC, 2.5A

Multiple connector options for power

  • Support for devices with micro USB connector, pogo pins or other specialized connectors
  • Precision mechanical is customized to the device align the handheld to the dock connector perfectly with no possibility of damage to the dock or the device


  • FCC Class B power supply
  • Designed for use in North America

Supported devices – with many more coming.

Hand-held Part number
Honeywell CN 3/4, Intermec CN 3/4 PSDCN3/4-01
Honeywell CN 50/51, Intermec CN 50/51 PSDCN50/51-01
Honeywell CN 70/70e, Intermec CN 70/70e PSDCN70/70e-01