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Bluetooth to Ethernet access point

Up to 5 active Bluetooth connections to Ethernet



Declaration of conformity

Bluetooth SIG Qualified Design Listing

General Public License (GPL) notice

Pair as many devices as needed. Support for most Android hand-helds and tablets Bluetooth SIG qualified

Establishes and manages up to 5 concurrent Bluetooth to Ethernet connections for hand-helds or tablets requiring a wired Ethernet connection when WIFI is not preferred or possible.

The Portsmith daptaPort Bluetooth to Ethernet Adapter (PSA5BT1E) is a sophisticated embedded system specifically designed as a Bluetooth to Ethernet network access point. The typical use case is an Android hand-held terminal, hand-held or tablet requiring network access other than via its built in WIFI function, or where wired Ethernet is not possible but required.

Powered via a 5V power supply (included), the daptaPort Bluetooth is perfectly designed to extend data download capabilities to devices that do not support Ethernet connections in the devices themselves or in their multi-bay charging stations.  Whether in the retail back-office, warehouse, or route delivery reconciliation room, this unique adapter is an innovative, high-speed link to the secure wired network.

daptaPort Bluetooth is shipped Unsecured.  It is highly advisable that the end user installs and configures the portDox configuration utility listed below so that the Bluetooth access point may be installed with a secure code if desired.


portDox allows management of security, IP address settings, update firmware and view status of the daptaPort Bluetooth.

portDox  for PSA5BT1E configuration utility  (19.1MB Zip file)

User Guide

daptaPort Bluetooth User guide