>>Rugged USB to Ethernet for Windows, CE, Mobile, Embedded and others

Rugged USB to Ethernet for Windows, CE, Mobile, Embedded and others

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The daptaPort USB to Ethernet rugged encapsulated adapter


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Rugged, One-Piece Design

Portsmith’s fully encapsulated, one-piece USB to Ethernet adapter daptaPort Rugged provides mobile device users working in unforgiving environments a more rugged and resilient method for establishing a direct wired connection to the network than ever before. With a full-size USB Type-A connector on one end and RJ45 Ethernet receptacle on the other, this efficiently designed adapter performs as a rugged, one-piece communications bridge between the mobile handheld, tablet or laptop, and an Ethernet network.

Portable High-Speed Networking

Powered through the USB port of the computing device, the daptaPort Rugged is perfectly designed to go where the workforce goes. Whether in the warehouse, remote office, field research facility or oil rig, this unique adapter is an invaluable high-speed link to the secure wired network.

If you have a computing device with which you would like to utilize this adapter, but you do not see it on our device compatibility list, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you connected! Email: sales@Portsmith.com

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Supported Devices

Device ModelOSSoftware RequiredUSB CableNotes
Windows ComputersWindows XP, 7, 8 x32/x64Windows DriversNoneDirect USB Connection
Google ChromebooksAll VersionsNoneNoneConnects Directly
Honeywell Thor VM1Windows CE 6.0PSDUE-CE6x86NoneCopy CAB to /system/cabfiles for cold boot
Intermec CN50Windows Mobile 6.5Patch FileNonePatch to fix hang on reboot
Intermec CV41Windows CE 6.0PSDUE-CE6x86NoneCopy CAB to /system/cabfiles for cold boot
Motion Computing FSTeWindows 7Auto InstallsNoneConnects directly
Motorola MC45WEHH 6.5SMSC Driver25-133854-01RConnect to side and/or with ADP4500-100R
Psion Workabout Pro 4Windows CE and MobilePre-InstalledNoneConnects Directly
Juniper Systems Archer 2WEHH 6.5PSDUENoneConnects Directly
Juniper Systems MesaWindows Mobile 6.5PSDUENoneConnects Directly
Trimble Juno T-41Windows or AndroidDrivers Pre-InstalledUSB Host CableDrivers Pre-Installed
Trimble Nomad 800/900All Windows MobileSMSC DriverNoneConnects Directly
Trimble Ranger 3Windows Mobile 6.5SMSC DriverNoneConnects Directly
Trimble YumaWindows 7Windows 32-bit DriverNoneConnects Directly
Trimble Yuma 2Windows 7NoneNoneConnects Directly

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