>>daptaPort – USB to Modem

daptaPort – USB to Modem

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The daptaPort USB to analog modem adapter


Declaration of Conformity

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Enhance USB Cradles

Portsmith’s USB to modem adapter allows you to quickly and easily add analog modem capabilities to almost any existing USB device.

Global Coverage

With the daptaPort Modem, you can be sure that you will be able to get data access no matter what country you go to. And with country specific certification for dozens of countries, the daptaPort Modem meets the regulatory and safety requirements your customers and partners need to do business around the world.

Click here to see a list of approved countries for the daptaPort Modem.

Excellent for Primary or Backup Connectivity

Not every application or location needs to have high-speed internet access to do business.  In many situations, a dial up connection to update inventory, run a credit card, or download a report is more than sufficient.  So why pay the monthly cost of broadband? And even when broadband is in place, it can, and does, go down.  Sometimes for long periods.  With the daptaPort Modem, you can easily switch over to using a dial-up connection and continue to run your business.

Adapter Kit Contents

The PSAK-UCM Kit includes the daptaPort Modem and three USB cables, enabling connection to most Mobile Computers, PCs and Tablets.


Supported Devices

Device ModelOSDriversCables RequiredConnections
Datalogic Memor (V2)Windows CE or MobilePSDUMBuild to OrderConnects directly to Memor
Motorola MC2100Windows CEPSDUM-CE6170574-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC3000/3100Windows MobilePSDUM170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola 3100Windows CE 6.0PSDUM-CE6170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC55Windows MobilePSDUM170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC65Windows MobilePSDUM170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC67Windows MobilePSDUM170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC70/75Windows MobilePSDUM170573-000Uses USB Cradle
Motorola MC9000/9100Windows CE  and MobilePSDUM170575-000Must force USB host in USB cradle.
Motorola MC9500Windows MobilePSDUM170574-000Uses USB Cradle
Pidion BM-170Windows MobilePSDUM170572-000USB Cradle or direct with 170573-000 cable.
Unitech-HT680Windows CEPSDUM170572-000Uses USB Cradle

Installing the Portsmith USB to Modem driver

Installing the PSDUM driver for Windows Mobile and CE