Custom Built Charging Towers


Multiple bays eliminate the need for a single wall charger for each handheld. Low cost and effective method for multiple handhelds. Compatible with Zebra MC and TC, Intermec / Honeywell CN, CT, EDA Series handhelds. Portsmith Charging Towers are custom built to order and can accommodate up to 24 devices per unit. Call Us to configure your charging towers.

Scale-able high volume charging solution.

  • Charges up to 24 devices per tower, custom built to order
  • Constructed from ABS, aluminum, and steel for enterprise durability
  • Precision alignment of the handheld into the cradle
  • One handed insertion and removal
  • Safe and regulated power at each cup

Safe power for fast charging

  • 5VDC 2A delivered to each slot
  • Individual power supply to each plate

Custom built for your application

  • Call Us today to configure your charging towers


  • Designed for use in North America