Powering the world’s most rugged tablet requires the world’s most rugged dock.

Portsmith’s newly released Tab Active Pro Multi-Slot Dock makes it possible to charge multiple devices quickly, safely, and reliably. We built this end-to-end charging device using the same proven design, superior technology, and long-lasting materials as the Tab Active Dock, the world’s top-selling solution of its kind.

Specifically built for professionals on the go, the Tab Active Pro Multi-Slot Dock is ideal for fast-moving industries that rely on maximum charging speed and dependability. Whether for transportation, manufacturing, asset management, retail, field service, or public safety, the features and versatility of this charging dock are second to none. With Portsmith’s multi-slot dock, you can: 

  • Eliminate the need for a single wall charger for each tablet. 
  • Charge up to five Galaxy Tab Active Pro tablets at once, from a single power supply.
  • Quickly insert and remove tablets (with one hand, if necessary), thanks to molded slots and perfectly aligned pogo pins.
  • Charge via desktop or enclosed in a locking cabinet, without worries of the dock overheating. 

Additionally, the Tab Active Pro Multi-Slot Dock is equipped with safety features that protect devices — each slot remains powered off until a tablet is inserted, and if a fault is ever sensed, a protection circuit shuts the slot down. 

Portsmith charging docks have an established reputation for optimum performance. Similarly, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active Pro is designed to stand up to real-world challenges — shouldn’t you be equipped with a charging dock that’s just as dependable?