As the leader in the enterprise USB-to-Ethernet adapter market, Portsmith’s adapters are commonly found in critical infrastructure IT systems, manufacturing, home theater systems, and applications where low-cost consumer-grade adapters are inadequate.

However, with USB-C as a standard on Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s TabActive line of products, Portsmith’s customers are seeing a need for durable USB-C-to-Ethernet connectivity with power delivery in use cases such as in autonomous vehicles and airplane cockpits.

To answer this need, we’ve launched an ultra-rugged adapter that provides USB 3.2 Gen1 Type C to Gigabit Ethernet plus 5V-USB-C power delivery in a completely encapsulated package.

Designed by Portsmith’s sister company, the U.S.-based product development firm SGW Designworks, this ultra-rugged adapter is built for maximum durability and reliability. The product recently won a prestigious Good Design Award for its exceptional engineering.

rugged usb-c to ethernet

The adapter’s three connectors (separate from the main body) include a USB-C connector to the host device, USB-C power delivery input, and an RJ45 LAN connection. Drivers are well supported in iOS, iPad OS, Android, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

For internals, the proven technology used in the original Portsmith USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter was carried over. Engineers also specified materials and production processes that fully encapsulated the PCBA using two-stage injection molding. This ensures protection from the elements, shock/impact resistance, and durability. (The adapter functions flawlessly, even when beaten, battered, and neglected.)

Additionally, with its proven, stable BOM, the product won’t change over time — ensuring that, once the adapter has been qualified for a use case, subsequent deployments will be identical.

For nearly 20 years, Portsmith’s intelligently designed cradles, adapters, and accessories have been sought after and validated by virtually every leading rugged device manufacturer in the world. Would you like to discuss how this adapter can meet the needs of your specific use case? Drop us a line.