New Ownership Brings New Capabilities

In May of 2017, Portsmith Technologies assets were acquired by new owners. The first goal of the new owners was to continue delivering the same products that the market relies on from Portsmith. Portsmith charging cradles and Ethernet connected docks provide missing critical functionality users across the enterprise and industrial handheld market.

In addition to continuing what Portsmith has been known for, the new owners bring new capabilities. Portsmith Technologies now has a sister company. SGW Designworks is a nationally recognized product development company, SGW Designworks. The founders of SGW Designworks are the new owners of Portsmith Technologies. The two businesses will remain separate entities, but are now co-located in Boise, ID.

Deep collaboration and resource sharing between the businesses has already brought new capabilities to the market. Portsmith’s heritage in USB to Ethernet adapters, Ethernet connected docks, and charging cradles for industrial handheld computers plus the world class product development and product engineering experience form the SGW Designworks team means that Portsmith is now positioned to quickly develop new solutions for just about any use case. In fact, six new product initiatives are currently underway at Portsmith, with three nearly ready to launch.

The new broader team applies new philosophies like Lean Development to the development of Portsmith products. Portsmith now essentially has an in-house product design company, and product prototype development group, enabling full development from pre-concept through design iteration, engineering, testing, design for manufacture, and into Portsmith’s existing manufacturing system.

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