Portsmith’s heritage is development. In the early days, development work focused on engineering a robust and reliable USB to Ethernet architecture that could be used across a wide variety of platforms. Today, development teams at Portsmith focus on ensuring that we have charging and Ethernet solutions ready when companies like Samsung, Honeywell, Zebra, and others launch new enterprise products. Our sister company SGW Designworks, a world-class product design and engineering company, frequently collaborates on custom cradle and dock development projects at Portsmith.

The development team at Portsmith provides a broad spectrum of design and engineering capabilities, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware development, and manufacturing engineering. We use Lean Development methods, working through rapid development cycles to ensure that our products include the right feature sets for use-cases that matter.

In addition to the existing product line, we frequently develop custom hardware for specific use-cases. When a business user is not able to find the hardware they need, our development team is often able to produce a solution quickly and efficiently. We are often able to develop a new product in less than three months – from concept though regulatory and manufacturing startup.

Contact us today to talk about your use-case, and we will develop the hardware you are looking for.

How It Works

  • We work with you to understand how the product will be used, and to document the Use-Case

  • Our development team develops multiple concepts to review with you, selecting one to fully develop.

  • Using in-house rapid prototyping technologies, we quickly produce a test unit to validate the use case and product features, iterating as needed.

  • Our engineers optimize the design for manufacturing, and submit the design package to our manufacturing resources.

  • We plan and execute all regulatory testing required for the product (UL, CE, FCC, etc.).

  • Production and shipment of product begins.