In 2018, the Samsung Tab Active2 started to enjoy widespread adoption in enterprise applications. If you have had a chance to use this product, you understand why.

Tab Active2 offers industry leading durability features. In fact, Tab Active2 passes the ridiculous MIL-STD 810G testing regimen. This subjects the unit to shock loading, vibration, temperature extremes, high altitudes, high humidity, and more. This is truly a business tablet built for tough use-cases.

A host of third party applications extend the versatility of Tab Active2. It comes loaded with Samsung’s IT-friendly operating system overlay, to give your IT managers ultimate control of their assets.

I actually use the Tab Active2 as my everyday business tablet. In my day-to-day use, I am in meetings, taking notes, logging in and out of enterprise applications, and also spending time on manufacturing facilities. The compact size of Tab Active2 makes it easier to manage than larger i-devices. While it is not designed to fit in your pocket, it is easy to carry around the office all day.

The S-Pen is revised for the Tab Active2, and it is a BIG improvement over the original Tab Active. The new stylus is responsive and ergonomic.

The Tab Active2 incorporates pogo pads along the long edge, allowing it to easily be placed into 5 slot charging docks, like the Portsmith PSP5GTA. The Portsmith 5 slot charging solution for Tab Active2 is promoted by Samsung as the charging solution of choice. See this Samsung literature for more information: Samsung promotes Portsmith Charging Dock for Tab Active2.