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Portsmith’s Swoopy 3C Rugged Receives Prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award

For more than a decade, Portsmith Technologies has successfully led the enterprise USB-to-Ethernet adapter market. As a well-established player in this market, our USB-to-Ethernet adapters are commonly found in critical- infrastructure IT systems, manufacturing, ultra-high-end home theater systems, and applications where low-cost consumer-grade adapters are inadequate. And now, we are pleased to announce that [...]

By |2022-02-10T11:12:45-07:00February 10th, 2022|Accessories, Development and Engineering|0 Comments

Portsmith’s Tab Active Pro Multi-Slot Dock: The Ultimate Charging Solution for the Ultimate Tablets

Powering the world’s most rugged tablet requires the world's most rugged dock. Portsmith’s newly released Tab Active Pro Multi-Slot Dock makes it possible to charge multiple devices quickly, safely, and reliably. We built this end-to-end charging device using the same proven design, superior technology, and long-lasting materials as the Tab Active Dock, the world’s [...]

By |2020-07-24T11:03:29-06:00July 24th, 2020|Featured|0 Comments

ScanStand: Answering the Demand for Unattended Scanning in the Age of COVID-19

Life during a pandemic has required societies around the globe to rethink how they interact with others within their communities. It has necessitated sweeping changes amongst large corporations, nonprofits, and even small business owners — who must assure its stakeholders, donors, and customers that community health and safety is their utmost priority. The challenge: [...]

By |2020-06-08T13:53:20-06:00June 8th, 2020|Featured|1 Comment

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