Software Information

The PSDUE driver software is designed to run on a variety of Mobile Computers using the Windows Mobile and CE operating systems.  Portsmith certifies and supports as many manufacturers and models as possible.  Additional devices are tested regularly, and Portsmith will test additional devices at no cost to a Reseller or Manufacturer.  If you have a device you would like to have tested please contact


USB Host

  • The PSDUE driver is designed to work on a handheld that has Host USB capabilities.
  • Manufacturer specifications usually indicate if the device has a USB “On The Go” (OTG) or “USB Host” capability.

Operating System

  • Windows CE 5.0,  6.0
  • Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5

Disk Space

  • 100 KB disk Space

PSDUE Installation

Download the appropriate version of PSDUE specified in the individual Product Page. (Your browser may warn you about potentially dangerous software).  Copy it to your device using ActiveSync or removable storage such as MicroSD and SD Cards supported.

Windows Mobile Installation:


Install to Device

Click OK to Exit


Windows CE Installation:


Click OK to Install